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We are SO excited to be adding this new part to our store completing the Impressions Family of Products and Services, which now encompasses Impressions Embroidery & Engraving, Impressions Gifts & Gourmet, and Fabric Impressions. We offer quilting fabric, patterns, and accessories. 

We will also be stocking McKenna Ryan patterns & kits. For any of you who aren't familiar with McKenna's beautiful quilt patterns & style, we will be posting photos soon.   You'll be impressed!!


We are pleased to announce for all you BagMakers out there, we are now stocking bag hardware from A Little Swag for your Bag, LuxCrafter, Emmaline, and Sallie Tomato, with more to come. Keep checking in, as we will be stocking more Portugal Cork and leather very soon. Another great new product we're carrying is called Kraftex, which is a washable paper fabric that you can incorporate into your bags or create entire bags from. We are also carrying several lines of interfacing for all your bagmaking needs. These products are in stock already, just working on getting them on the site. If you're looking for Decovil, Kraftex and other interfacings, please email me as we likely have them available for purchase. 


Lastly, but certainly not least, we are now making templates for your favourite patterns.  Because we laser engrave, we can cut these acrylic templates to precision, and they are such a help for your most loved and used patterns. At the present time, we are cutting templates for Swoon Patterns and Emmaline Patterns.  If you design your own patterns and would like us to laser cut templates for you, we would be very happy to do so.

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