MAXMATT Dense Edge Paint represents Giardini’s latest development in leather edge paint. It can be applied by hand and by machine, and once dried it does not require any extra operations.



The Dense Edge Paint has the highest features in terms of adhesion, coverage and elasticity, able to create a smooth and uniform leather with few applications and with the best resistance compared to other paints of its class.


The Dense Edge Paint is based on the MAXMATT Polyurethane Polymer, developed by Giardini Group in collaboration with its European partners, keeping as priority the best sustainability combined with the highest technical performance. The high-quality base resin in a very high concentration permits you to finish the leather edge of your leather items with a minimum number of applications (usually 2-3 applications are sufficient), getting a luxurious quality level.


The best pigments on the market were used to create the colours, providing a range of 18 Standard Colours (all mixable with each other) from which 100 shades called Mixed Colours were created. To these 118 colours we added the trending colours of the season and the classic colours made famous by the most renowned international luxury brands.The solidity of the colour and its UV resistance ensure that colour choices are maintained over time.


The best quality in edge finishing is achieved when you use the Basecoat Dense as first layer before applying the Dense Edge Paint; this combination permits you, with only two applications, to get a perfect leather edge even in the case of a very wide leather edge (learn more watching the video tutorials: How to use the Basecoat). Dense Edge Paint normally has a standard opacity, if you want a glossy effect or an extra-matte effect, you can apply topcoat finishes to get your desired finish (learn more on Edge Paint Effects).


The product has a very high viscosity and can be applied both by hand and by machine. In case of difficulties during the application, you can add up to 10% of water to slightly reduce viscosity and make the application easier, but in this case you may need to apply more layers to get the same result. It is recommended not to exceed with water addition to avoid losing some of the technical features of the paint.



Paint can be applied by hand or by automatic machine


Dry Time

30 minutes at 25°C


Storage Temperature

Between 10°C and 30°C


Shelf Life

12 Months. Once opened, use the products within 6 months.



Paint can be ironed. Do not exceed 90°C temp.

Giardini Dense Edgepaint 125ml

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