The Edge Paint Pen Applicator is suitable for leather edge painting on prototypes and small production and allows you to obtain a precise and accurate leather edge finish.



The Edge Paint Pen Applicator consists of a metal handle with some checkering that gives you a better grip on the pen. On one side there is a rolling brass head, free to move upside down while rolling, this movement will make even easier the paint application. On the other side there is a spatula that can be used to apply the paint on some specific part of your items that cannot be reached with the rolling brass head (i.e. very close angles of some patterns).


For a quick and easy cleaning it is advisable to avoid that the paint completely dries on the rotating head. If the paint has not dried yet it can simply be removed by using a damp cloth, paper, or cleaners. In case the paint completely dries, it is recommended to leave the Edge Paint Pen Applicator to soak for a few hours and then remove the residues with the aid of a hard-bristled brush. When using the Edge Paint Pen Applicator it is recommended to always keep a glass of water (or cleaner), and leave the Pen to soak during the breaks between the applications. This will prevent the paint from drying on the tool.

Giardini Edge Paint Pen Applicator

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