The Iridescent Gloss is one of the new releases of 2018 and it was created from a non-stop research aimed at creating never before seen finish effects. The colours change their shades depending on how the light reflects on the leather edge. To obtain this particular finish is necessary to use a black paint as base, this to enhance the visibility of the effect.


Iridescent gloss can be applied by hand or machine with the traditional methods. Remember to gently stir the product before use.


The Iridescent Gloss is based on a special glossy polycarbonate resin and it has been obtained with the addition of particular iridescent powders inside the original base resin.The particular features of the iridescent powders let these colours change their shades depending on how the light reflects on the leather edge. The high gloss polycarbonate resin keeps the iridescent powders incorporated, guaranteeing a great final result.


During the application phase it has a greyish appearance but once dry, the paint remains completely transparent, keeping the fine iridescent powders incorporated thus giving a uniform shiny color all over the edge. Once dry, the Iridescent Gloss presents excellent elasticity and a great adhesion, which guarantee a high quality and long lasting finish.


Giardini Iridescent Gloss Edgepaint 125ml

Colour - View colour chart above
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