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Non-woven interfacing that adds structure to leather, fur, immitation leather and fur or any heat sensitive fabrics. Supports and shapes without affecting hand or hardening. prevents thick or slippery materials from shifing during construction. Pre shrinking not required.
is a lightweight, nonwoven, fusible interfacing that fuses at a low to medium temperature, making it ideal for use with natural and imitation leather and furs. It adds structure and definition and will support the shape of a project without affecting the hand. Use Fashion Fuse™ in purses, accessories, coats and other apparel. Grey, Natural 70% Rayon/30% Polyester 18″ by-the-yard width Lightweight, nonwoven, fusible interfacing Sewing machine safe Machine wash warm or cool on gentle cycle. Tumble dry low or dry clean.


Pellon 420N Fashion Fuse - Notions