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These side strap connectors are a really nice way to add a strap.  They work great with our Swivel clips. There is a right and a left side to these connectors, so make sure you get them on the correct sides.  A easy, great way to dress up your bag.

Comes with 2 side pieces and 4 screws  (2 per side).  You can gently hammer the side of your bag to compress the fabric and make it easier to install the connector. Make the hole with an awl, and then slide the connector over the hole, put in the screws and you're good to go!  I personally like to put some fabric glue on the screws to secure everything.

Total length of the clip is 1", including the D Ring is 1.6".

Side Strap Clips 1.6" w D ring -A Little Swag For Your Bag - Black, Gold, Silver